Understanding Besiegement

Some time ago, in the distant past, I recall reading some brief paragraph about a personal planet being in “besieged” when it is surrounded by outer planets.  At the time, I just couldn’t digest the meaning of it.

But NOW…now I get it.

Chart_150One of my daughters was born with this configuration, placed in Virgo in the first house.  The planets involved are the masculine Uranus and Pluto surrounding the feminine Venus in a very tight conjunction spanning only about two degrees.  She has a small, compact, strong body, as one might expect.  And, over the years (she’s in her forties), has become a tough, feisty, intense person   I have been able to see how that relates to her feeling “besieged”, but I couldn’t really FEEL it.  There had to be more…but what?

The other day, I happened to stop in at the bank.  Without thinking much about it, I pulled into the closest available parking spot.  As I turned off my engine, I looked up, from one side to the other, at  two HUGE pickup trucks!!

Midget between 2 trucks_CropReverseTitles_300Suddenly, I knew how poor little Venus felt between those two powerhouse outer planets towering over her.

Venus, the sweet little girl, being totally overwhelmed by the extreme willfulness of individualistic Uranus on the one side and the intensity of powerful Pluto on the other.

No wonder she has so often felt the need to fight for the right to be herself!

SadGirl_200To make it even more difficult for her feminine, sweet side to get out of the box, Venus is in Virgo, the sign of its fall.  Finally, I understand the injury to her womanhood that she has carried for so long.

Here’s what “fall” feels like:

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