Is Peace Ever Possible?

World Religions

After just completing a course on the history of Astrology at Kepler college, I’d have to say, probably not.  But for a few days after Saturn moved from Scorpio into Sagittarius I felt a noticeable energy of peace.  Two days ago, on Christmas Day, 2014, everyone I came in contact with seemed to be very subdued and willing to “let it be”.  There were no news reports of cops shooting young black men with guns, no Islamic beheadings, no killing of school children in the middle east, no school shootings here at home.  It was a little weird, actually.  And it really felt like worldwide peace could happen…that people everywhere could put aside their religious differences and just accept that each one has the right to believe what they want.  It felt like people were just all worn out with all the fighting.  It’s been going on so long….and for what?  Just to insist that my God is better than yours?  Nobody can actually prove anything about God, so why do we have to keep arguing about it?   Why do we have to keep fighting and killing each other over it?

And then there’s the issue of race….there’s the looking down one’s nose at others of a different color and culture.  A bit of arrogance there, wouldn’t you say?  What’s so amazing about it is that so many of those ski jump nose attitudes come from people who consider themselves to be somehow in contact with God.  If God, or Allah, or Buddha, or whoever it is sits above all of us, how can some folks actually believe they are better than anyone else?  Of course, it’s been that way for thousands of years….

And even bigger than race, there’s the issue of gender….it’s bigger than race because it crosses all racial boundaries.  Do you know about a woman named Hypatia?  She lived in thypatiaFCAhe fifth century and was an intelligent, educated woman, known for her excellence in mathematics and astronomy/astrology.  She was a highly respected teacher at the famous Library of Alexandria in Egypt.  In 415 CE, at the age of about sixty, she was murdered.  And you know who did it?  A band of fanatical Christians!  Today we have fanatical Muslims killing hundreds of school girls so that they cannot learn anything but waiting on men and bearing children.  Not much has really changed, has it?

These are all things that have to do with one group inflicting their will on another, a perfect expression of Uranus squaring Pluto.  Since the beginning of June, 2012, we’ve experienced five of these squares between transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto…the giants of Willfulness and My Way Or Else.  When you have the energy of unconventional Uranus operating through the Trail-Blazing sign of Aries squaring off against the energy of overpowering Pluto operating through the I’m-In-Charge-Here sign of Capricorn you know you’re in for trouble.  Squares, you know, mean conflict.

Being in control is also one of the issues associated with Saturn.  A few months after the first Uranus/Pluto square, Saturn began traveling through Scorpio, a sign of deep, dark, concentration.  So there was the Control Freak uniting with Extreme Intensity.  No wonder there has been so much fighting going on of late!

But we are now in the final Uranus/Pluto square.  It began with Uranus ahead of Pluto but moving retrograde back towards it.  On November 23, 2014, Uranus moved within one degree of Pluto again and the square was re-energized. Uranus does not actually reach the exact degree of Pluto this time, though.  Before that can happen, Uranus turns around once again and continues on its way out of Pluto’s range.

In addition, on December 23, 2014,  Saturn has just moved into Sagittarius.  As a  planet travels through the last degrees of a sign there is often a sense of being broken down from dealing with that energy, especially when that planet is Saturn.  Those who want to force others to conform and those who will resist to their last breath are both exhausted.  It’s as if the universe has to beat you down to make you listen.  Then, in comes a breath of fresh air when the planet moves into the first few degrees of the new sign.  There is a simultaneous sense of stillness and recovery along with an opening up to the new energy. No wonder it feels like a big release of pressure!

But Uranus doesn’t get completely out of the range of Pluto until April 7, 2015, so there’s still time enough for death and destruction.  With any luck, though, we’ll only be cleaning up the aftermath of what has already occurred.  And the energy of Sagittarius is that of desiring to understand life on a philosophical level…to understand our place in the universe.  That is the question the Sumerians were trying to answer in 4000 BC and the Babylonians were trying to answer in 750 BC.  The same question the Egyptians were trying to answer in 400 BC and the Greeks in 300 BC.  The same question still being addressed by Christianity and Islam and Buddhism and all the other religions of the world.

Perhaps the hard work ethic of Saturn in Sagittarius will help us to reach a new level of comprehension.   Then again, it could signal a return to more conservative attitudes.  Above all, Saturn wants structure and stability.  Pluto is only halfway through its twenty-eight year journey through Capricorn, a very conservative sign and one that is ruled by Saturn.  The two of them are not yet ready to give ground to the freedom desired by Uranus in Aries or the dissolving of old barriers foretold by Neptune in Pisces.




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